Monk 1.02

Cloak EXE files as text files

Many companies and organisations restrict the type of files that members of staff can send and receive. For example, executable files. But often it is important to send an executable file to someone in a company, and there just isn't the time to work out some way of doing it without sending it through as an email attachment. Monk disguises executable files as text files. Using Monk, you can send any file through firewall.

Monk replaces all of the non-textual characters within a file with characters from the alphabet (a to z), and then breaks up the characters with spaces, full stops and paragraphs. The file appears like a text document to any automated monitoring software that guards firewalls.

Monk now features a form of compression that for some file types can reduce the size of the cloaked file to less than the size of the original file. The recipient of the "text" file uses the same Monk application to revert the file contents back into the executable.

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